Intensive Trauma Therapy

The approach I use, called the Instinctual Trauma Response (ITR), is a proven and efficient trauma treatment that utilizes mechanisms like EMDR combined with Internal Family Systems (IFS), and it is super effective! The treatment can be done in intensives over a few days to two weeks speeding up the healing process and providing you with lasting relief much quicker than weekly therapy sessions over the course of months and years.

2038354952You’ve been treading water for too long.

Exhausted from living in the past, you desperately want life to be easier.

A part of you vividly remembers the terrible things that happened to you. Another part of you shoves the memories deep down and tries to ignore them. Bringing them up causes too much pain.

You live with a nagging sense of fear and worry. Sometimes, you can’t even pinpoint why.

Meanwhile, you’re tired of the destructive patterns. Trust, boundaries, and intimacy are difficult for you. Neither you, nor the people you love deserve to bare the wrath of irritable moods and unpredictable reactions.

You need someone to toss you a life ring.

You may be thinking, “If only there were a way to take a short “time-out” to focus on my healing.” You could spare several days or a few weeks for concentrated therapy to deal with the trauma if it meant a lifetime ahead of relief.

There is good news! Trauma doesn’t have to be complex and lengthy to treat. You don’t have to re-live the pain or do endless years of psychotherapy to recover. Trauma therapy can be done in concentrated intensives taking just a few weeks.

If you’re ready for a radical change, our approach together will be a lifesaver. You can do trauma treatment now and move on to the life you’ve dreamt of.

1926119252Steady ground is ashore. Trauma therapy can help.

Effective trauma treatment is proven to help people heal from emotional distress and physical symptoms – like anxiety, depression, and chronic pain – caused by disturbing life events.

Clients who have worked with me said treating their trauma completely changed their lives. They felt rapid and lasting improvements from the symptoms of PTSD and acute stress.

Traumatic flashbacks are eliminated, and anxiety attacks go away.

Relationships improve because you understand how trauma affects your body and mind. You become an expert in your trauma. Teaching loved ones can help them support you better.

Soon, you will feel stable and surefooted.

You’ll be able to handle a healthy range of emotions. Your identity will no longer revolve around your trauma.

Getting the brain back on board. How trauma recovery works.

Trauma causes your body to think you are constantly in danger. We will help get your brain get back online to communicate effectively with your body and calm your nervous system.

We’ll help reorganize the jumbled memories associated with the traumatic events, which will integrate them into healthier brain storage patterns and promote healing.

The magic of our approach to your trauma recovery happens through neuroscience and bilateral stimulation. Art therapy uses your creative and emotional right brain. Then, narrative therapy reconnects the visual story to the logical, rational left brain. You will draw pictures to sequence the verbal and non-verbal story of your trauma.

Importantly, the story we recall will have a beginning, a middle, and an end. You will finally feel closure to the memories. They will not haunt you anymore.

Don’t worry if you “can’t” draw! Stick people and rough sketches work just fine. The only thing you need to do is try. And I’m here to help every step of the way.

Ultimately, we’ll get your brain, body, and emotions all on board, so they’re steering the ship with you instead of against you.

657592621I’ve got a map for healing. You can feel relief quickly.

Trauma therapy can be done successfully in condensed blocks of time. Instead of hourly weekly sessions like talk therapy, we can work in half-day (three hours) or full-day (six hours) increments to speed up the process and offer you relief faster.

Once we get going, we can process trauma experiences quickly and effectively over the course of just days. The same amount of work in weekly hourly therapy could take 6 months to a year – or much more!

If you’ve tried other trauma counseling methods with minimal results, this approach is for you.

Maybe you’ve had success with other forms of therapy but need a little extra push, I can help you find the relief you’re seeking.

Perhaps you’re bravely facing your trauma for the first time. If you want the fastest, most effective, and safest way to process it and move on, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got just what you need.

You’ve come to a safe harbor. Hope is here.

Trauma doesn’t have to wash away all the good in your life. It’s possible to get relief from trauma’s emotional and physical symptoms. Trauma can be treated effectively and safely in a way that doesn’t cause you to re-live the things you’ve been through.

To learn more about trauma, checkout the Trauma Therapy and PTSD Treatment page.

Before long, you’ll be cruising on to the rest of your life: building fulfilling relationships, going for your professional goals, and caring for your family. You will feel freer and happier. Most importantly, you will feel renewed love and compassion toward yourself.

Let me help you put an end to your suffering. I have a solution. We can get there together – and fast!

Call or text me to set-up a free phone consultation: (904) 201-2122.

It’s time to reach peace, purpose, and happiness. Their treasures await!