Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a way to get highly tailored one-on-one support for navigating life. Therapy offers a space to feel understood and accepted so you can figure out what’s happening inside, move through difficult things, experience healing, and find hope.

1230899491You’re struggling to stay afloat.

You used to be a pro at balancing it all, but lately everything’s off-kilter. You can’t get your footing. Just when you’re at your limit, more stress crashes over you and pulls you down.

Exhaustion is setting in. You can’t catch a break. Taking deep breaths, healthy habits and optimistic thinking aren’t working anymore (if you even have time for those things!).

Friends and family mean well, but honestly their advice hurts more than it helps sometimes. Loneliness creeps in. No one seems to really “get it.”

You need a guide with a compass to point the way.

You’re not someone who sits back and watches life go by. It feels better when you know there’s something you can do. Fix. Try. Trudge through. Move toward. Dream about.

But right now, you’re totally lost.

You haven’t been through this before. You expected it to be hard for a little while. But feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, and grief won’t quit. Never mind the disruptive panic attacks and occasional flashback. It’s no wonder you’re always on edge.

You want a life that’s inspired, not insurmountable. You’re ready for change. But you need help navigating these tricky waters.

2136759961Counseling can help.

Your motto is “I’ve got this.” Relying on others usually leads to disappointment, judgment, or rejection. Not to mention, typically you can just do it better!

Our work together will be different. You won’t feel alone. As your therapist, I will give you expert help and high-quality care.

Psychotherapy frees you up so you can get back to the things that matter:

  • Feel calm and capable during the day-to-day.
  • See yourself as courageous and powerful. What you’ve overcome has made you resilient.
  • Think highly of yourself. You deserve respect, peace, and love.
  • Know yourself deeply. What delights you? What are your hopes? What lights you up?!

Imagine how you’d celebrate if you felt centered and whole again. You’d have healthy relationships. Go for the career you’ve wanted. Take gentle care of yourself and loved ones. Pursue the passions and adventures of your heart’s desire.

All this is yours to have. Saying yes to the therapeutic journey is the first step.

Let’s stop the water from rising. How individual therapy works.

Therapy happens one-on-one which means your mental health gets exclusive, focused attention.

We use talk therapy, like Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and proven brain science, to quickly patch your leaking energy. You’ll see how powerful your thoughts and feelings are for controlling the results in your life.

Then, we use art therapy and depth psychology to go under the surface and repair what feels broken. Working with images, active imagination, stories, dreams, and other creative tools you’ll emerge feeling a stable structure of support beneath you.

1384052090I’m holding the oars. Soon you will be able to steer.

Your therapy is tailored to your specific needs and interests. I am a counselor who helps you paddle through the choppy waves until you can do it yourself.

Our focus is three-fold:

We aim for quick relief. I’ll teach you practical tools you can use to feel more in control of your everyday thoughts, feelings, and actions. You’ll learn ways to cope on the fly and techniques to feel more relaxed.

Therapy helps you find rest and feel refreshed.

We want to get to the bottom of your hurts, fears, and frustrations, so they don’t resurface. I will show you how to go deeper and access your wellspring of inner wisdom. The path to healing is within you.

Therapy taps into inner truths, heals old wounds, and empowers you move-on toward your deeper calling.

The goal is for you to emerge with hope and joy for a purpose-driven life. Pains and stress won’t stop you like they used to. Whatever arises, you’ll be equipped to handle it, learn from it, and still live your best-life.

Therapy prepares you to overcome obstacles gracefully so you can focus on living “the good life.”

When you give yourself the time to make your life better,
your life will give you a better time.

Admin The tide is turning. Smooth sailing is just ahead.

This is where happiness begins. You are the hero of your extraordinary life. But you don’t have to adventure alone. I will help you surmount the struggles and navigate toward your dream destination.

Whether the ship’s going down or you’re just feeling a little directionless. Please reach out. I am a friendly, knowledgeable voice on the other end of the phone.

Call or text me to set-up a free phone consultation: (904) 201-2122.

Peace, purpose, and happiness await!