Individual Art Therapy

Individual art therapy is mental health counseling that uses creativity and artmaking as a tool. It helps people visually and symbolically express themselves to process issues and find healing.

And it’s not just for kids or artists! It’s for people of all ages and all artistic skill levels (or none!) Keep reading to learn more…

1555431581Sealed Tight. You’re not one to air feelings openly.

You have a hard time talking about your emotions. It’s not that you don’t have deep thoughts. In fact, tons of feelings are bubbling within you. You just don’t know how to get them out.

Or, you know something isn’t right inside. But when you try to find the words, you’re just… blank. You don’t know what’s wrong, and even if you did, you wouldn’t know how to talk about it.

Art is another way to communicate, just like talking or writing. Instead of chatting about your thoughts and feelings in therapy, we make art about them.

You don’t need an ounce of artistic skill to benefit from art therapy. If you’re an art fanatic and love to get creative, then you’ve come to the right place, too!

You’re tired of talking with no destination in sight.

You’ve tried talk therapy before. At first, it was a relief to unload everything on your mind and feel validated. But eventually, you reached a point of talking in circles without progress.

Art therapy helps get thoughts and feelings outside of you so you can see what’s going on. Difficult issues become easier to work with. Emotions seem less daunting. New insights surface.

You get to the bottom of concerns faster because art psychotherapy goes around the limitations that language and self-judgment place on your ability to see and solve problems.

There’s also a neurological benefit. Art therapy engages your brain in bilateral stimulation, much like EMDR therapy. It connects your creative, emotional, and imaginative right brain with your rational, logical left brain. We access your deepest needs, hopes, and problem solutions by building a bridge between the right- and left-brain hemispheres.

1075845740Art therapy paints a new picture.

Wait! Before you say, “I’m no good at art,” I encourage you to try.

Doodles are welcome, and I like to say, “Stick people have feelings, too!” We don’t care what the artwork looks like, only what benefit you get from it.

Plus, when was the last time you practiced making art? Maybe yesterday. But maybe not since third grade. No one expected Serena Williams to be good at tennis without practice. The same goes for artmaking. That’s why I’m here to help. I make it easy, so you can get to healing.

We choose art materials according to your comfort level and what you want to work on in counseling. I enjoy markers, oil pastels, and collages. You might like colored pencils, paint, sculpture, or photography. Digital art is another option; we can draw on the computer.

Let’s create a better landscape. How art therapy works.

Art therapy uses your body’s senses in addition to your mind, so you learn and grow in multiple ways.

The process of artmaking releases pent-up energy. Imagine scribbling out your anger instead of letting it blow on your spouse.

Art is also soothing. Instead of hard work, therapy feels like your weekly break to unwind. It’s possible you feel better just by drawing or painting.

Symbolic metaphors arise through artistic imagery. We look for themes and patterns that reflect your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Important messages emerge from your deepest inner wisdom. They point you toward healing.

Artwork gives you a tangible reminder of your goals. The images you create help visually map the route to get to your desired destination.

1358478200Brush away the stormy days.

Clients say art therapy is a game changer for overcoming difficult experiences like trauma. We can use art therapy to guide you through big life transitions like moving, a break-up, or changing careers. And it’s ideal for supporting you through an illness. Or grieving someone special you’ve lost.

The best part: art is always available to you. Anytime.

You can learn to use it between sessions to speed up your recovery. Art is a coping skill. Eventually, you won’t need therapy. You will learn how to take care of inner needs and life aspirations through art on your own!

Permission to let your true colors shine.

Your life doesn’t have to be driven by overwhelm and burnout. Anxiety and depression can be alleviated. No more low self-esteem or feeling lost.

Creative self-exploration helps you understand your past and discover hope for your future. It releases your difficult feelings and spotlights your hopes and desires.

Art therapy is for you if you feel stuck. You haven’t seen the progress you want in other kinds of therapy. Give it a try.

Art therapy is for you if you are a creative. You express yourself visually and work through problems using your hands. Let’s give it a go together.

A Few of My Favorites

Flowermandala1Meaning-Making through Mandalas

Mandalas (art made within circles) can serve a lens into personal development, identity, and meaning. The archetypal symbols that naturally surface in mandala art help you work through difficult experiences and life milestones. Mandalas can be a source of creative inspiration, an access point for deep knowing, and a guide map to wholeness. Therapeutic work with mandalas is inspired by psychotherapists like Jung, Hillman, Erikson, Kellogg, Cohen, Thayer-Cox, and more.

I use mandalas in art therapy sessions. I also teach other healing professionals about them in workshops.

Img 4373Intuitive Collage like SoulCollage®

Collage is an artistic process that anyone can do. No artistic skill is needed; it is just cutting images and pasting them together. Done mindfully, it taps into intuitive self-expression and inner intelligence. When combined with reflective journaling, it develops deep personal understanding. A set of collage cards can be used for divination and psychological guidance.

“Collage is a metaphor for any discovering, gathering, and reweaving of energy bits
already formed and present in the universe. A new… creation can be made
from the ever-present divine chaos of images all around us.”
– Seena Frost

P1000282Therapeutic Hand Papermaking

Hand papermaking mirrors lifecycles: birth, death, and rebirth. The process begins with a cathartic release of frustrations as you tear and prepare fibers. Recycled fabric is beaten to a pulp. Submerged in water, it’s formed into paper. It is transformed into paper that becomes a card, journal, or artwork. The paper is a metaphor for the counseling process. The difficulties of life tear us apart, but through our deconstruction, there is potential to be born anew.

Img 6774Let’s draw on your creativity. The scenery is sunnier ahead.

Art therapy is powerfully transformative. It can speed up the healing process, get you unstuck, and help you unearth hidden resources within you. We can use it as a quick practical tool. And we can use it to mend deep wounds safely and comfortably – dare I say, it’s even fun!

One drawing can change your life (it changed mine!). Ask me how. I’d love to share more with you.

Call or text me to set-up a free phone consultation: (904) 201-2122.

Create your way to happiness. Peace and purpose are close at hand.