Illness and Medical Trauma

Your world has been rocked. You didn’t see this diagnosis coming.

The news about your health was shocking. Since then, it’s been a deluge of new information. Quick, logical decisions are key. But your head is spinning. You can’t think straight or sleep well. Confusion and fear set in.

Life’s focus shifted overnight. Medical appointments fill your schedule. There’s a looming dread when you see the doctor. What will the news be this time? Will you ever recover?

You feel like a burden relying on friends and family. Connecting is hard, too. You feel angry with every baby shower or birthday party you attend. Alone. Devastated. It’s not fair. How can you be happy for them when you’re struggling so much?

There’s no one you can talk to honestly about what you’re going through.

You don’t have to cope with a new medical diagnosis alone. I’m here to listen and support.

Never far from tipping. Chronic illness keeps you on edge.

You’ve dealt with this disease forever. Never feeling “normal,” there are always things you “can’t do.”

You don’t want to be known as “the sick person,” so you suffer in silence. You‘re not looking for pity or protection. You want to feel included and have choices about your life.

It’s not an option to stop thinking about your health. Simply going to lunch with friends requires a constant calculation to consider your schedule of medications, doctors’ appointments, treatment regimens, dietary needs, and energy reserve.

Reality is you are always facing life or death.

Close relationships are nearly impossible. What if something happens to you? How will you support a family? The last time was a close call.

There’s been so much loss already. You can’t bear to lose people you love on top of it. So, you stay distant and closed-off.

Not many people understand the constant ebbs and flow when you live with chronic illness or congenital disease. I’m here for you.

1024149970You’re the captain of this ship. Feel in control again.

You know your body is in good hands with your medical team, but who’s looking out for your mind and emotions? Muscle tension from anger, fast heart rate from anxiety, and poor sleep from sadness impact your health, too.

Counseling helps you:

Regain control. There’re a lot of decisions to weigh. We can talk through the options. You’ll be confident in the choices you’re making about your health and your life.

Release emotions. A medical journey has ups and downs: frustration, tears, and exhaustion one day. Victory and utter relief the next. I’ll celebrate with you and help you rage or sob (if you need to). Getting the feelings out releases stress and helps your body heal.

Rest or get revved. The constant fight wears you out. Sometimes, you need the space and permission just to “be.” Other times, you need to get out of your head and find motivation. I can gently push to keep you moving through it.

Redefine your identity. You’ve been shuffled through the medical system as a number. Doctors know you as a diagnosis. The things you used to do and be are not you now. You’re not your disease. We’ll explore your passions, perspectives, talents, and calling. Rediscover the things that make you, you.

You’ve got a first-rate first mate. I’m by your side.

If something isn’t right with your physical health, you see your doctor get it checked out. Why not treat your emotional health similarly? There’s no reason to feel bad about counseling. You’re taking care of your entire well-being.

I’m a therapist who “gets it.” I grew up around medicine and worked for over a decade in a Trauma 1 hospital and Transplant Center.

I’ve supported people through their journeys with cancer and organ transplant. Worked with people living with asthma, diabetes, lupus, sickle cell, chronic fatigue, and Chron’s. Counseled people who were living with cystic fibrosis (CF), congenital heart disease, kidney disease, and multiple sclerosis (MS). And I’ve helped people who’ve had accidents and medical trauma.

Medicine is a unique and complicated culture. It’s filled with jargon, hierarchies, confusing pathways, and critical decisions.

If it’s your first time navigating it, you feel overwhelmed. You need a guide to help.

If medical appointments and hospitals have been part of your life, you need someone who comprehends the language and is knowledgeable about your disease. It’s not your job to educate your therapist; you need someone who understands.

189094937Let’s cruise through this together. How therapy works.

You haven’t wanted to burden friends or family with certain things. In therapy, you have space to share anything on your mind. We can go deep if you want to, but we don’t have to. My number one priority is to help you feel stable and steady for the journey ahead.

We can work through anxiety about upcoming tests or procedures. Process health changes. Make meaning out of your health experience. Capture important memories. Prepare for loss. Celebrate you!

It’s important to recognize that the body remembers the pain and acute stress (even if you’re under anesthesia). Processing medical traumas safely and gently can help your body and mind feel more relaxed now and build resilience for future treatments.

Taking care of yourself from the inside out, you’ll discover different ways to deal with emotions and find the coping tools that work for you. You’ll access your inner strength and internal smarts to traverse whatever lies ahead.

It will be easier to communicate with your loved ones about your illness and needs. You’ll be able to advocate for the quality of life you desire. You’ll feel fulfilled and at peace living your best life possible.

A joyful journey is the destination.

While your medical team is healing your body, we’ll work on caring for the rest of you. Therapy offers relief, builds emotional resilience, and bolsters your physical health.

Working with a therapist knowledgeable about medical issues is a game changer. I’m here to see you through the journey and help you find joy and peace along the way.

Call or text me to set-up a free phone consultation: (904) 201-2122.

It’s time you sailed over to peace, purpose, and happiness.