Anxiety and Depression

2108047229Here it comes, another wave of overwhelm.

Everyone thinks you’ve got it together. But inside, you’re a mess.

Your stomach is in knots, thoughts race a mile a minute, and your heart pounds like you had a double espresso. But you didn’t.

Worry would make sense if something terrible happened. But the buildup of small fears and everyday concerns takes you down.

You wonder, are these anxiety symptoms?

You’re constantly swimming in circles.

The giant list of to-dos combined with the loop of obsessive thoughts playing in your head is exhausting, even paralyzing.

Will someone make a judgmental comment? Can the work get done on time? Is a friend upset with you? What if you really aren’t good enough?…

You’ve tried to take a deep breath and “stop worrying about it.” Easier said than done. The stress doesn’t go away, and the panic just piles up.

Pushing through also hasn’t worked. When you think you’re making progress, something new sends you spinning.

Hello, anxiety attack all over again.

1682995819Or, it feels like you’re slowly drowning.

Maybe you don’t feel like you’re hustling. In fact, it’s the opposite. You’ve thrown your hands in the air and are slowly sinking, letting life just happen to you.

It’s been hard to find motivation, even for activities you used to love. Your energy is zapped, and your thoughts are foggy.

You’re lonely but also want to be left alone. You feel edgy and on the verge of tears most days. Nothing feels quite right.

You wonder, is this depression?

You’ve drifted through anxiety and depression long enough.

Anxiety and depression can feel similar. You might experience one, the other, or both.

Common symptoms include panic attacks, worry, dread, feeling irritated, difficulty concentrating, worthlessness, tears, and trouble with sleep. Anxiety and depression can start because something difficult happened. But they can also seem to arise out of the blue.

That’s often when guilt and shame kick in. You think, “There’s no reason for me to feel this way.”

You know you are fortunate and have a good life. So, you beat yourself up because you “should” be grateful instead of anxious or depressed

(Which by the way, just makes you more anxious and depressed!)

572930296 1It’s time to send out an S.O.S. Counseling can help.

Anxiety and depression can roll in slowly. The next thing you realize, you can’t see your way out. It’s hard to drift through these experiences alone. Let me help steer the way.

We tailor anxiety therapy and depression counseling to meet your distinct needs. Often, it’s helpful to begin with talk therapy methods like Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and brain science to provide initial relief. These help you navigate your thoughts, feelings, and actions practically for day-to-day life.

We also want to explore below the surface. Your symptoms indicate something deeper needs attention. It’s effective to use art therapy and depth psychology because they access inner wisdom and healing treasures that anxiety and depression hide.

Amy AnxietydepressionbiopicI’ve got your life raft ready.

I’m here for you. You deserve to be happy and enjoy your life.

Whether you’re experiencing a lot of anxiety, think you might have OCD, or need help for depression, please reach out. If you’ve been feeling down or just vaguely don’t seem like yourself, I can help.

Call or text me to set-up a free phone consultation: (904) 201-2122.

Come ashore to peace, purpose, and happiness.