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to Peace and Purpose

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Counseling and Art Therapy in
Jacksonville Beach and across Florida

You’re feeling lost and tired of merely surviving.

Life has had its ups and downs.

And you’ve always made it to the other side with resilience.

But lately, you don’t know how to find your way through

Everything feels like it’s too much.

You’re unsure about the direction of your career.

Hurts from the past stick with you and hinder your progress.

A deep loneliness makes you wonder if you will ever feel fulfilled in your relationships.

You’ve tried dealing with it on your own.

As a go-getter and self-help fan, you realize that positive thinking and mindfulness aren’t cutting it.

Trying to bear down and muscle through isn’t working either.

It’s like you’re constantly hustling, only to keep one step ahead of complete burnout.

Something needs to change.

For years, you have put everything and everyone else first.

You still have important hopes and dreams, but they feel buried in grief, anxiety, and self-doubt.

Your soul aches for something more.

There is a way forward.

You know there is something deeper within you – an inner wisdom, a healing salve, a key to unlock the next door.

With my help, you’ll find quick relief for the day-to-day, heal past wounds that hold you back, and discover the deep desires of your heart. Life with less overwhelm and more pleasure is possible!

You can breathe freer. Have clarity. And feel more joy.

It’s time to discover a life
that truly makes you happier.

Amy Bucciarelli


Hi, I’m Amy.

I’m here to help you find healing and experience a more meaningful, vibrant life.

The key is having a knowledgeable guide to equip you with the right tools and help you navigate the way. With over 16 years of experience, I bring depth and lightness to your therapy journey.

I use a highly individualized approach—after all, you are a VIP! Here, you’ll have a safe space to explore your pain, and also to manifest joy.

Working together, we’ll uncover the origins of your stress while helping you develop powerful coping strategies.

Tapping into deep insights you’ll learn to release the burdens of your emotions and feel more in control of your life.

Along with traditional talk therapy we’ll utilize an innovative combination of art therapy, brain science, and accessing the unconscious in order to unlock your authentic inner voice. Soon you’ll experience genuine relief and discover hope for your future.

I’m here to help you feel validated, nurtured, and inspired. You’re not alone on this journey.

If You’re Feeling Stuck, Let’s Work Together

Imagine feeling calmer and clearer. Knowing yourself deeply helps you handle stress and life easier.

Envision authentic connections in your relationships. Confidence in your true self ends loneliness, blame, shame, and rejection.

Picture waking up excited for your day! Believing in your unique abilities and talents leads to a fulfilling life.

Visualize feeling valued and appreciated. When you are living a life you love, others take notice. You’ll attract people who celebrate you!

A life with peace, connection, and meaning is a life that feels lighter, richer, and happier.
Our work together can help you get there.

Your Life is Waiting for You.
Answer its Call.

Say “yes” to healing and enjoy the fulfilling life you deserve.

Let’s partner to create your meaningful ever after.